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Galaxy Evolutionary Synthesis Models
help you understand your data on star clusters and galaxies from the early universe until today in terms of their relevant physical and chemical properties and their evolutionary state.

Online model databases

Wavelength and Redshift Dependence of Bulge/total light Ratios in Galaxies
J. Schulz, U. Fritze & K. J. Fricke; A&A 398, 89 (2003)
Spectral and Photometric Evolution of Young Stellar Populations:
The Impact of Gaseous emission at Various Metallicities

P. Anders & U. Fritze; A&A 401, 1063 (2003)
(includes update of "Spectral & Photometric Evolution of Simple Stellar Populations at Various Metallicities" by Schulz et al.)
Chemically consistent evolution of galaxies:
II. Spectrophotometric evolution from zero to high redshift

J. Bicker, U. Fritze, C. S. Möller, K. J. Fricke; A&A 413, 37 (2004)
Accurate photometry of extended spherically symmetric sources
P. Anders, M. Gieles, R. de Grijs; A&A 451, 375 (2006)
GALEV SSP models for star clusters in tidal fields
P. Anders, H. J. G. L. M. Lamers & H. Baumgardt; A&A 502, 817 (2009)

Observational data

Results for NGC1569

NBody/Starlab results

How well do STARLAB and NBODY4 compare? I. Simple models
P. Anders, H. Baumgardt, N. Bissantz, S. Portegies Zwart; MNRAS 395, 2304 (2009)

Older and superseded data

Spectral & Photometric Evolution of Simple Stellar Populations at Various Metallicities
J. Schulz, U. Fritze, C. S. Möller & K. J. Fricke; A&A 392, 1 (2002)
IMPORTANT: Superseded by Anders & Fritze (2003) - please use these newer models instead.